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Dividing marital property in Louisiana - the basics

Divorce is a very complicated process. It often takes a significant amount of time to work out the details, from negotiating child custody and visitation schedules to deciding who gets the couch. Trying to decide who gets the house in Baton Rouge and who gets the fishing the cabin on the coast can lead to a months long argument. In fact, working out child custody and dividing marital property are usually the two main sources of contention during the divorce process.

Understanding the marital property laws in Louisiana will help you, either at the negotiating table or in the courtroom, when it comes time for you and your husband to start diving up assets and debt. Read below for some basics about dealing with community property in Louisiana.

Child custody: Shielding kids from harm during and after divorce

When parents in Louisiana and elsewhere begin to consider divorce, one of the most significant concerns they might face is how it will impact their children. A parent may wish to shield their kids from harm during this period, but this can be somewhat challenging, especially during such an emotional life event. Aside from reaching a child custody agreement that is in the best interests of young ones, there may be other ways that a parent could achieve this goal.

Parents may worry that news of a divorce could disrupt certain areas of their child's life, such as performance at school and/or social interaction. These can be indicators that one's kids are struggling with the potential break in normalcy. While divorce will likely bring about change in the lives of everyone involved, attempting to maintain some familiar patterns might give a child a sense of stability, which could help him or her overcome similar issues.

Weighing the options concerning divorce and the family home

When facing the end of a marriage, each individual may have different ideas concerning what is important to his or her future. However, certain assets might be highly contestable during divorce proceedings, such as the family home. Although many individuals in Louisiana may become attached to their homes during marriage, they might want to consider the potential advantages and disadvantages of pursuing sole ownership before entering negotiations.

When children are involved, parting with the family home could be more intimidating, with many parents wishing to allow children to remain in a familiar setting. Even without kids, a person could be fond of the area the house is in, or perhaps he or she simply doesn't wish to move. Since divorce will have an impact on one's financial standings, keeping up with monthly expense surrounding such an asset could pose a challenge.

Health care concerns for those considering divorce in Louisiana

Couples in Louisiana and elsewhere may put a great deal of thought into the idea of ending a marriage. While a couple may wish to move in separate directions moving forward, financial concerns could give them cause for concern, and possibly prolong the process. Another potential issue for individuals who are considering divorce could surround health insurance, as coverage is crucial in the lives of many.

Losing health insurance coverage due to a change in marital status could be an intimidating concept for some. While having insurance is important to many, others worry that with pre-existing conditions, they may have trouble obtaining affordable insurance in the future. This could cause a couple to remain together in a relationship that may no longer be functional just to ensure that one party's medical needs are met.

Car accident claims life of 61-year-old woman in Louisiana

Many families have been forced to experience the untimely loss of a loved one. Perhaps one of the more prevalent causes of such a tragedy could be collisions, which are unfortunately a common occurrence. A recent car accident in Louisiana has reportedly claimed the life of a 61-year-old woman.

The accident is said to have taken place early in the morning on a recent Friday. The woman was apparently attempting to make a left turn when another vehicle suddenly slammed into her from behind, causing her vehicle to roll over. Although the driver of the second vehicle suffered only minor injuries, the woman was ejected from her own and was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene.

The parenting agreement: Things you need to know

In the event of a child custody case, you can be assured that you will have quite a few questions on your mind.

To start, you may worry that your only option is to head to court. While some people have to go down this path, there is something else to consider: informal negotiations, such as mediation, that allow you to work through all your disagreements.

Added stress in life at home may increase chance of divorce

There are numerous factors that may lead a couple to consider ending a marriage. With potential stressors such as financial issues often weighing heavily on married couples in Louisiana and elsewhere, many may ultimately decide that parting ways is the best course of action to take. A recent study suggests that even certain fields of employment may also place a burden on a marriage, and they carry a higher risk of divorce as a result.

According to the study, individuals who are employed in demanding fields have a much higher chance of divorcing at a young age. Some examples of such areas of employment include those in the military, logisticians and mechanics. Those who work in these and other similar professions have a divorce rate of up to 30 percent, according to the information provided in the study.

Pondering the potential pros and cons of divorce re child custody

Many families in Louisiana and elsewhere have certain routines that become commonplace or expected over time, especially for kids. A disruption in normal activities could be difficult to accept, yet the alternatives might prove just as challenging. Parents who are debating divorce may often experience similar thoughts, especially when considering the potential impact that child custody negotiations may have on the young ones.

If parents begin to ponder the question whether to divorce or not to divorce, the answer may not be easily obtained. Each side could have pros and cons concerning the children, and a great deal of thought may be required to find the best solution for everyone involved. Regarding an attempt to remain together for the sake of the kids, the emotional and financial stability could prove beneficial to their well-being.

Rear-end car accident claims the life of a woman in Louisiana

There are countless circumstances in which a serious collision can occur. In some cases, all it takes is one moment of inattention or distraction. A vehicle can travel several hundred feet in just a couple of seconds, and without full concentration on the task at hand, the potential for a dangerous car accident increases significantly. When an individual in Louisiana encounters such negligence, his or her well-being is often put at risk in the process. 

A recent accident that took place on a Wednesday around noon involved a woman who was reportedly attempting to make a left turn. Authorities assert that the initial investigation suggests the woman was slowing down for the turn when another vehicle suddenly slammed into the back of her car. Although police assert the driver was wearing a seat belt at the time, she was unfortunately pronounced dead shortly after the accident.

Financial concerns of entering retirement alone after a divorce

There are often numerous crucial aspects to take into account concerning the end of a marriage. Every divorce is different, and the outcome may often depend on the variables present during proceedings. For those in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, or elsewhere who have concerns regarding retirement accounts, the thought of divorce could be intimidating, especially since the division of assets will generally have a significant impact on a person's financial future.

Although often stressful and daunting, in some cases, a divorce may ultimately lead one or both individuals to a healthier situation over time. For those who are closing in on retirement, they may often feel as though certain bonds, such as children, are no longer tying them together. Once a person begins taking a closer look at his or her own needs, he or she may wish to make a change.

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