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Car accident involving semi claims life of 1 in Louisiana

Certain vehicles are inherently larger and heavier than others, which can make them a great deal more challenging to maneuver. Attempting to reverse across a lane of traffic in a similar vehicle could be dangerous, and collisions involving commercial vehicles can be catastrophic in nature. A recent car accident that occurred under similar circumstances has reportedly claimed the life of a 33-year-old woman in Louisiana.

According to reports, the incident began with a semi carrying an empty log trailer that was attempting to back into a circle on the east side of the road from a southbound lane. While the driver was attempting to maneuver across the road, the semi was struck by another vehicle. The driver of the semi was not injured in the collision, but the driver of the car suffered serious injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Reasons to modify a child support agreement

Child support is often a far more complex and ever-evolving issue than simply making a monthly payment to a child's other parent. As a child grows and changes, his or her needs also change significantly.

On the other hand, a parent's circumstances may change rapidly. In many cases, whether it is because of the changing needs of the child or the changing circumstances of a parent, a child support order that was once appropriate simply isn't any longer.

Accounting for maintenance costs and tax rates during a divorce

When facing the end of a marriage, individuals in Louisiana and elsewhere might have concerns about how the process will impact their financial future. Those facing divorce may wish to protect this area of life by entering negotiations with a strategy in mind. However, with numerous factors to consider, this can be challenging at times, potentially prompting a need for guidance in covering every aspect along the way.

In community property states, such as Louisiana, marital assets are typically divided equally between both parties. While this may seem like a cut and dried process, there may be some additional considerations to account for, some of which might influence one's decisions. Even if two separate assets appear equal on paper, some may come with future financial obligations, while others may be subjected to higher tax rates.

Safeguarding one's current and future well-being in divorce

Many individuals in Louisiana and elsewhere have reached a point in life where a change is necessary. However, even if a person has decided to end a marriage, the process can still be stressful and daunting. For those facing divorce, there may be certain measures they can take that could reduce the impact that the process may have on their future.

The end of a marriage can be a highly emotional period, and the stress involved can place an individual under a significant burden. While it may seem difficult at the time, those going through a divorce might find it beneficial to take time out of each day to pursue the things they enjoy. In addition, maintaining regular activities such as going to the gym can go a long way in protecting a person's physical and mental state.

A breakdown in communication could lead to divorce in Louisiana

There are many reasons that can lead a couple in Louisiana to consider ending their marriage. While divorce can be a stressful and trying process, it may also lead those involved to a better situation in time. While certain issues could be common in many relationships, others may indicate signs of a deeper issue that may be significantly more difficult to resolve.

Many individuals believe that communication is key in a serious relationship, and a break down in this area can be devastating. According to studies, a lack or refusal to communicate may increase a couple's chances of divorcing. While this might not have been an issue previously, such behavior can indicate signs of other marital issues that may be reducing one or both party's willingness to interact.

Car accident involving school bus sends 7 kids to the hospital

School systems across the nation place a great deal of importance on child safety. Buses that transport kids to and from school are generally equipped with several indicators to let other vehicles know when to stop. Unfortunately, this may do little to prevent a car accident, perhaps especially if negligence is a contributing factor, and a recent accident in Louisiana involving a school bus left numerous kids in need of medical attention.

The incident occurred on a recent Monday morning as a bus was making its rounds and picking up kids for school. While stopped and waiting for a child to board, another vehicle suddenly slammed into the back of the bus and became lodged underneath. According to reports, the accident was severe in nature, and seven children on the bus were taken to the hospital by emergency responders.

Yes, it is possible to modify your custody agreement

After a divorce, it is common to realize that a custody agreement is not working for one or both parents. It is very difficult to maintain a long-term perspective when two parents work through a custody battle, and often the terms that emerge in the final draft of a custody agreement make much less sense in the real world than they did at the negotiating table.

Furthermore, many parents find that life changes make it difficult to abide by the terms of the agreement, like a new job or new residence, or even the changing needs of the child at the heart of the agreement.

Child custody: Considering the benefits of shared parenting

Parents in Louisiana and elsewhere generally want what is best for their children. However, the end of a marriage can be a stressful and emotional period, which could lead to strife between couples and battles over child custody. Parents who wish to protect their kids throughout this period might want to consider the benefits of setting emotions aside and negotiating an agreement with the best interests of the children in mind.

Much like every divorce is different, the type of child custody agreement that is right for each family will likely depend on the variables present, such as location of each parent and financial stability. However, studies suggest that in many cases, shared parenting might be the most favorable option. According to the study, allowing children a liberal amount of time with each parent could be beneficial to their well-being.

Looking ahead by considering the financial aspects of divorce

Individuals in Louisiana and elsewhere who are considering ending a marriage may have put a fair amount of thought into the process. With the potential gravity of the outcome of a divorce, some may have concerns about how it might affect their lives. While certain aspects of divorce may take time to mend, an individual might find it beneficial to prepare for the financial ramifications before entering the process.

Dissolving a marriage will inevitably have an impact on one's financial future. However, a person may be able to take certain steps to prepare for life moving forward, such as forming a budget. Going from a two-person income to life on one's own can be stressful and intimidating, but forming a solid budget could help an individual with the transition.

Achieving a sense of calm during divorce could prove beneficial

Many individuals in Louisiana and elsewhere may enter marriage with the intention of remaining together throughout life. Since most never plan to divorce, a couple who decides to part ways may find the process stressful and challenging. Although this can be a difficult period, the outcome will likely have a major impact on one's future, and taking measures to deal with emotional issues could prove beneficial to life moving forward.

While some may view the concept of divorce in a negative light, in many cases, it could lead everyone involved to a better situation in time. Instead of worrying about the judgment of others, one may find it more helpful to focus on his or her own needs and what is important to the future. The emotional strain of the situation may only be temporary, and gaining control of one's feelings and entering negotiations in a calm manner could help him or her focus on the things that really matter.

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