June 22, 2015

"Chris is a great, professional and hard working attorney that cares for his clients and gets the job done. He really made me feel like I had a big brother fighting for me . The fact that he is personable and will go that extra mile for you is so refreshing because its a rarity in this day and age. He does the job you hire him for promptly and with perfection . I highly recommend Chris because he really is the best lawyer to fight and win any battle you face."


June 17, 2015

"My experience is a little different from most. I live in Kentucky and found Chris through Google in the Yellow Pages. It's been a challenge with me being in a different state but he keeps me informed of everything. Whether is be court dates, different information that I might need, or just advice whether he thinks it is good or not. We talk a lot through email because it is definitely the best way to get a hold of him. He is busy but always makes time to make sure everything is in line for whatever is coming up in the near future. I went through a messy divorce and custody battle and he was right there every step of the way. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a great lawyer. Couldn't have asked for a better lawyer! "

- Maresa

June 17, 2015

"Christopher Cascio was an excellent lawyer. After several months of frustration of dealing with an insurance company after a car accident that was not my fault I finally called Chris. He took over completely and was able to come to a quick and final resolution with the insurance company. He and his staff were very friendly and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is in need of a lawyer. Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly. Take your pick."

- Jennifer

April 13, 2013

"Mr.Cascio has been representing me for over 2 years now. He has gone above and beyond what you
would expect of an Attorney. He is a really down to earth person who is very easy to talk to.
In the future any advice i need i will be contacting Mr.Cascio. Solid, Reliable Representation You Can Trust....."

- David

March 2,2013

"Prior to my meeting Mr. Cascio I had become engaged in a very complex case situation in another State which I felt was unjust in nature....myself being a permanent resident of Louisiana. I sought a second-opinion consult with his firm so he could review everything that had happened in the case thus-far, and give me his fair legal assessment of the matter moving forward. Once I met with him he immediately recognized the "grave" legal errors of my situation, and I recognized that getting him on board with my legal needs here in La. in order to counter this on my behalf, was a step in the right direction....thus, our relationship began. I retained his services the beginning of 2010, and we finally concluded the matter, at the Appellate level and in my rightful favor in La. in 2012 (Out-Of- State Appellate Level case concluded in my favor in 2012 as well) . The case substance dealt with Interstate Child Support (modification), UIFSA, & FFCCSO Acts.....a playing field that we unfortunately discovered is still one in which some attorneys and Judges in this country seem to be somewhat unaware and unversed in regarding the proper application of them (surprisingly). These Federal Acts and Statutes were placed in our Constitution in the '90's to avoid competition between States' Child Support Orders, and in order to try and resolve and avoid the "then, all-too-common" Diverse-Jurisdiction issues and multiple- support-orders encounters going on nationally at the time. During my case Mr. Cascio had to also work in conjunction with, and on a consult basis alongside the out-of-State Firm (which had mistakenly engaged us to begin with) on my behalf....leading them in the right direction regarding our defense under UIFSA. He did all of this with great success, and I'm glad to say justice was served and my legal rights maintained in all areas....out-of-State, and here! My situation required a "seasoned" attorney with a great deal of knowledge and pro-active work ethics in order to represent me fully and fairly, and I feel he met the challenges skillfully, thoroughly, and will full force. In the future I would have no hesitation in seeking his legal counsel or retaining his services if needed again. Thanks so much for an outstanding " Job Well Done" Chris!!

- Chuck